Reasons why you need an alternate source of income


With increasing expenses unemployment issues is all parts of the world, nobody should be happy with a singular source of income. Earning some extra money is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Moreover if, you are the only earning member of the family, we will tell you why you need to start looking for an alternate source of income at the earliest.

How can multiple income sources simplify your life?

  • Unemployment

With majority of the current generation working in the private sector, job security has to be a major concern for all of us. You never know when you might lose your job. Having other income sources might not be enough for you to live quality life, but it will be a great help to you in your days of unemployment.

  • Expensive health care facilities

Whether you like going to the hospital or not, you never know when a medical emergency will invade you or your family member. Medical treatment is extremely expensive and therefore, most people fear medical bills even more than they fear sickness. An additional source of income will help you cope up with the charges in such difficult times.

  • Availability of cash

As month-end approaches, most of us rely on our credit cards to pay for shopping, food and other expenses. But, that is one type of borrowing and you need to pay extra amount as interest each time you shop using your credit card. So, the loss is entirely yours. Your second job will ensure that you are never out of cash.

  • Higher education

How much money are you able to keep aside for the higher education of your children? You need to save for medical emergencies, retirement and what not. So, one job is just not enough to save your back in all areas.

  • Clearing debts

Buying a house or a vehicle means a huge debt. But, majority of your salary is spent in taking care of your family. This is when your alternate source of income comes to your rescue. It helps you balance both without having to compromise with your current lifestyle.

  • A holiday fund

This is something every couple should work on. With increasing expanses, going on vacations means expensive flight tickets, hotel charges and so much more. But, you also need to tae occasional breaks from your monotonous daily routine. So, instead of becoming frustrated on how to pay for your luxurious vacations, you can use the money from your alternate job to plan your holidays.

  • Living a quality life

If you want to live a quality life as well as save sufficient money for your children’s education, your retirement, your dream house, and medical emergencies, it is not possible to fulfill all your dreams with one job.


Now that you know the amazing advantages of having more than one job, there are several ways of making extra money. Some of them are business, part-time jobs and online tuitions.

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