Know the best ways of boosting your financial intelligence


If you are one of those persons who hate dealing with numbers, finance can be a daunting subject for you. But, in order to be financially stable, you need to have supreme control over your expenses and savings. Therefore, it is important to have a clear understanding of terms such as net present value and EBITDA for your own benefit.

So, the question is how to boost the financial acumen. How can a beginner like you figure out which key concepts are more significant than others when it comes to your business or job. Another major question is whom you should trust for financial advice.

What do experts have to say?

Let us assure you that you do not need to learn everything about finance in order to handle your finances. Once you master speaking the language of money, nobody can stand in the way of your success. If you want to sell a product to clients, how can you convince them about the utility of the product without referring to parameters such as overhead, costs, revenue, and cash flow. So, without any delay, let us find out the easiest ways of becoming good in finance.

Strategic ways of improving your finance skills:

  1. Overcome unnecessary fears- There is no point avoiding financial matters because numbers freak you out. Financial performance is what explains the success of any company. Moreover, accounting and finance are extremely simple. It’s not magic or rocket science. Most of it is addition and subtraction, along with some division and multiplication.
  2. Understand the balance sheet- Once you are familiar with the major terms, it is time for you to approach the balance sheet. In the initial stage, it can be challenging, but once you take interest, you’ll love looking at the balance sheet. Here you’ll get to see the overall expenditure of your company and where it earns the most.
  3. Learn the terms- In the world of finance, there are some popular jargons that one has to learn. If you take the initiative, you’’ quickly learn the words. If you work in a company that provides finance training to its employees, seize the opportunity. If you do not have that facility, you can enroll your name for an offline or online course on finance. This way, you will be able to learn the basic concepts like operating income, measuring profitability, revenue, EBITDA, and operating expenses.
  4. Focus on metrics- If you genuinely wish to work on your financial expertise, you have to figure out the key metrics based on which the success of your company is measured. Understand clearly the ratio between loss and profit. There are four common ratios and they are leverage, operational efficiency, leverage, and liquidity. If you pay proper attention to the balance sheet, you will be able to handle the metrics.
  5. Enjoy playing with numbers- The only thing left after handling the balance sheet is playing and experimenting with numbers. Budgets are not static and therefore, you make necessary changes for best results.

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