8 money related facts that everyone should know


We are here to share some basic concepts about money that will help you manage your finances well. But before be begin, here is something you need to understand and that is, it’s okay to begin from the scratch.

Begin from the scratch

Most young adults do not perform well on financial literacy reviews. But, you must not feel disheartened about it. Most schools do not offer personal finance lessons to students. Even parents rarely discuss spending, investing and saving plans with kids.

So, here are the basic tenets for you to develop a better understanding of the financial world at present:

  1. You need to make more money than you use- This is the primary rule of earning: income has to be more than expenditure. So, avoid borrowing from people or using credit cards and try to manage everything from your salary.
  2. Start saving early- If you want to save more, the only option is to start saving early. It is quite simple. The earlier you commence keeping money aside for your house, medical emergency, or retirement – the more you will have in the right time. So, smart people start saving right from their first job.
  3. Stay away from scams- Identity theft is a big problem in today’s financial sector. So, you need to be careful as it is your hard-earned money. Review the monthly account statements, check for deductions from unrecognizable sources, and alert the bank immediately as soon as you sense a problem. The bank will replace your account number or card immediately.
  4. Higher risk means higher rewards- If you are too scared to invest your money in the market and keep it safe in the bank, you can never expect great profit. On the other hand, if you have the nerve of taking long-term risks in the stock market, you will win greater rewards one day.
  5. Automate savings- Planning to save is one thing and actually doing it, another. Most of us put money aside in the beginning of a month and somehow end up spending it in the month-end. So, to avoid such risks, create a savings account and link it to your bank account number so that they deduct the money automatically.
  6. Always diversify- This means never put all your savings in one big project or one particular sector. When it comes to investments, diversification, that is investing money in different fields, is the key. This will ensure that if a particular sector suffers a loss, you do not lose all your money.
  7. Insurance is a must- Life might take an unpleasant turn any moment. What if you are bound to sit at home for months due to an ailment or accident? As future is uncertain, you need to be prepared to face the situation in case you do not have a stable source of income for a certain period of time.
  8. You are a learner- As the financial industry is constantly evolving, with new fees, novel products, and new ideas of spending and saving money, always stay updated.

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