Three best ways of saving your hard-earned money


No matter how much a person earns, saving money is a big challenge due to growing expenses. Each time the income increases, we discover novel ways of spending the extra money. What you need to realize is that luxury should not be a priority in life. The aim should always be to live a quality life, not an extravagant one, particularly for people with limited income.

We are here to reveal the three most effective ways of saving a lot of money without having to compromise with your current lifestyle.

Easy ways of saving additional expenses:

  1. Cut down on transportation expenses

Going to work is something you need to do every day. If you have the habit of hiring a cab, you end up spending a significant amount of your salary on transportation. There are several good options available in cities that’ll help you reach your office without wasting a lot of money. Carpooling is one such option. Share the cab with friends or colleagues and you can easily travel in comfort by paying one-third of what you were paying before.

You can save even more if you take an AC bus or the metro. This will also reduce the level of air pollution in your city.

  1. Stop eating out frequently

There is no harm in going to your favorite restaurant occasionally to treat yourself. But, eating out on a daily basis is extremely expensive. Moreover, it is not even good for your health. No matter how demanding your job is, you need to find time to cook at least one meal daily. There are several healthy substitutes like boiled eggs, oats, salads that you can prepare within minutes. Moreover, you’ll have to pay double for the same thing if you eat it in a restaurant.

The two major advantages of cooking at home are: you save a lot and you stay fit and happy. So, what are you waiting for? Rush to the nearest departmental store and pick up all your favorite ingredients.

  1. Making saving a priority

If you always end up spending more amount than what you earn, there is something you are not doing right. You need to make saving a priority in your life. Put aside a certain sum in the beginning of each month and promise yourself that you would not touch that money unless in dire need.

Even a tiny portion can make a great difference after some years. So, plan your budget in advance and save whenever you can.


We may conclude by saying that achieving financial security need not be as difficult as it sounds. With the right mindfulness and discipline, saving some money and achieving your financial targets can be not only easy but also exciting. Once you start taking interest in saving at least Rs 10 each day, you will feel relaxed and sorted at the end of the month. You can also take help of a reliable financial advisor in the initial years to help you plan your finances.

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